Pinterest Boards For Wedding Photography

Pinterest Boards For Wedding Photography

Hello darlings! It is time to talk about a tool that we all know and love – our Pinterest boards!

As a way to help with your wedding photography planning (and to help spark ideas for your big day) I’ve created a Pinterest board called “For My Brides: Wedding Photography Ideas

Pinterest Boards & Wedding Photography

Check it out as you’re working on your “must have” shot list for your photographer, or just to help inspire your wedding planning! This board is where I save not only my own work, but work from other photographers around the world. This will help you determine which types of shots you absolutely adore, and which you’d rather skip. Talking to your photographer about which photos mean the most to you will help ensure that they capture your special moments in a way that will be especially meaningful to you. When it comes to what you want out of your wedding – not just in photography, but in every aspect – never be afraid to voice your opinions and styles. It will make serving you that much easier, and assure that you get the final products you’ve dreamed of!

Pinterest Boards & Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning can be extremely overwhelming, and your Pinterest board can help or hurt. On the one hand, Pinterest boards are great for finding new inspiration, organizing ideas, and keeping track of things you really like. Alternatively, Pinterest boards can be daunting, and can give you too much to think about or choose from.

The key to Pinterest boards is to use them wisely, without becoming dependent on them. You’re going to see TONS of great ideas on Pinterest, but you don’t need to try them all! Pick your theme and go with it. If you’re really unsure, ask your vendors for advice. Photographers, DJs, Florists, and Venues can all help you decide which items are must-haves, which will work best for your wedding, and which you can live without.

If you’re a client of mine, make sure you add me on Pinterest. That way you can send me any and all ideas you want me to capture on your big day. Follow me on Pinterest: Mind Of Mo Photography on Pinterest.

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