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Maurissa McNellis, Mind of Mo Photography

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and to check out my website! My name is Maurissa, owner and operator of Mind of Mo Photography. I’ve been in the photography business since 2015, and started specializing in strictly Wedding & Engagement Photography in 2016. I’m currently based out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where I live with my boyfriend and our two cats, Cubby and Wrigley.

I really believe it is important for my potential clients to know me, because my personality is what sets me apart in this industry. I am a total sap, which is probably a big part of why I ended up focusing on weddings and engagements – it is an honor and a privilege to share such a special day with the bride and groom, especially as the person who gets to capture those moments forever. Another aspect of Wedding photography that turns many photographers in a different direction is the stress and dedication required to shoot weddings – and this is something I thrive on; not because I like stress, but because I know I can be the person to help relieve it.

I love the outdoors and being active, so Wedding Photography is a great fit for me physically, too. I have no problem being on my feet for 8-10 hours at a time, and actually enjoy the activity that comes with capturing weddings. I’m also very familiar with tons of outdoor spaces in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as I hike often, and challenge myself to Landscape Photography in my spare time. This makes me an asset for engagement pictures – I am happy to help couples find new places for their sessions, or recommend a variety of outdoor spaces for them to choose from.

I adore food. I am a foodie through and through. Most of my hobbies (like attending the State Fair every year) involve food in one way or another. I love helping couples explore other aspects of wedding planning whenever they have questions or concerns. Because I work in weddings, I have been to lots of different venues and worked with lots of different vendors – so I am happy to help with recommendations whenever needed! My brides and I get along so well, we often end up going out for a coffee or a cocktail, just to catch up and relieve some wedding planning stress!

I’ve been told that my personality is very relaxed, outgoing, and friendly – and this really helps me strive in the wedding industry. I don’t just work for my clients – I connect with them. I want to know all of your wedding details, because meeting new people and working with them is something I truly enjoy. I love the connection I make with my brides and I’m often crying behind my camera on their big day. The best compliments I’ve ever received are the ones where brides tell me how much fun they had with me, and how much I contributed to the overall feel on their wedding day. That is why I do this in the first place!

Most importantly, the biggest thing you will get with Mind of Mo Photography is flexibility. Scheduling your wedding day is hectic and hard, and I get it – that’s why our schedule doesn’t have to be locked in until the day before your wedding (I even write this in my contracts). Furthermore, your wedding day is YOUR day – so when I commit to a wedding, I leave the whole day free for you. Even if you only plan on working with me for six hours, I can always arrive earlier or stay later – or both! Finances are never a fun subject to discuss either, but my motto when it comes to my pricing is very simple: Let’s Make It Work. I know what it is like to be tied to a strict budget, and I enjoy being a budget-friendly photographer. I work full-time Monday through Friday at my day job, and I don’t do Wedding Photography to get rich – I do it because I genuinely love the experience and the connections I make. My prices don’t fluctuate year to year, or season to season, and they are very transparent. I’m always happy to send detailed proposals with an easy-to-follow pricing breakdown, so that I can create a package that works for each individual couple.

If I sound like someone you could work with during your wedding planning, let’s chat. Proposals can be requested using the Contact Page of my website, or by emailing