Christina & Justin – Engagement Love Story

Christina & Justin – Engagement Love Story

Christina & Justin’s Love Story, Part 1
Engagement Session

Where do I even begin with these two? I had the pleasure of meeting Christina and Justin at a local coffee shop, before starting our engagement session together. I could tell immediately that the three of us were really going to get along.

We made our way to Como Park, where we were doing outdoor engagement photos. We were lucky and got a sunny, warm day for Minnesota in February (but Justin did repeatedly remind me that he was freezing – Christina told him to man up).

It only took about five minutes for me to realize why these two are perfect for each other. Justin is a total goof ball, and it keeps Christina laughing constantly. Laughter is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to love, and these two are set.

It was so much fun to watch them mess around with each other, and because they were having so much fun, our pictures look fantastic! Christina is such a warm and down-to-earth person, and she was totally laid back and having fun during our shoot. She was very excited to tell me about her big day, and I was impressed with her relaxed and fun-focused approach to her wedding planning. Justin has a very similar personality, but is much more animated with his antics. Although quiet when it came to discussing the wedding details (although I did catch a few eye rolls and shoulder shrugs), as soon as we got outside, a switch flipped, and he was instantly giving Christina crap, and making her laugh like crazy.

We joked with each other through the entire session, me begging them not to fall to their deaths as they climbed up and down the rock walls of the park. I appreciated their willingness to bend the rules (like ignoring the “stay on path” signs), and I am sure this is regularly their approach to life: have fun, no matter what! I did capture some of these goofy moments in their pictures, which I was very excited about.

We ended our session out on a dock overlooking the lake, and those shots are my favorites from the day. The romance started to show as these two snugged alongside the water. It was so beautiful!

I am so lucky that I will be photographing Christina & Justin’s wedding day in November. I have no doubt that their wedding will be as fun and outgoing as they are! Can’t wait to watch these two say “yes” to forever.

C&J    11/18/17

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