Caitlin & David – Engagement Love Story

Caitlin & David – Engagement Love Story

Caitlin & David’s Love Story, Part 1
Engagement Session

Do you ever have that moment where you meet a couple, and you just instantly know that they are a perfect match? It’s like you realize that out of everyone in the world, they are meant to be with each other – there is no way that a better match exists for either of them.

David & Caitlin are one of those couples. From the second we sat down at the coffee shop together, I was floored by how perfectly their personalities fit together.

Caitlin is an extremely smart, driven, and motivated girl. She’s currently looking at options for grad schools, and getting acceptance letters from quite a few! I loved listening to her discuss her studies, and her passion was clear – not only in our conversation, but in the items she picked for our engagement session, too!

David is an engineering guy, something I can relate to – he’s a Project Manager for a construction company, and I’m an Office Manager for one, too! One of the things I really loved was watching how David listened to Caitlin as she discussed her future plans for her education and career. He was beaming with pride, and had a huge smile on his face the whole time.

We started our afternoon at a coffee shop, where we discussed the details of this lovely couple’s big day. I am so freaking excited for their wedding!!! Their colors are Malibu Blue and Silver, and I cannot wait to see how gorgeous their photos turn out. Caitlin also mentioned that their wedding falls on National Iced Tea Day – so fingers crossed that they work this into their reception somehow!

We had a blast at this coffee shop, you guys. I was laughing so hard I cried at times, and I think everyone there was captivated by the fun, loving energy that these two created. Caitlin was dying for some outdoor photos, so despite the harsh Minnesota weather, we braved the cold and ventured to Minnehaha Falls.

I can’t stress to you enough how proud I was of these two during the outdoor shoot! It was extremely cold, and yet David and Caitlin (who was in a spring dress!) were so much fun and so positive – although, I am pretty confident that they are always this way, no matter what. The bright colors of their outfits popped perfectly against the earthy tones of the park in early spring, and gave us some gorgeous captures.

Caitlin & David are self-proclaimed book worms, so we made sure to capture this in a few of their photos. When they aren’t reading, they enjoy spending time with their families, playing board games and arguing about the true rules of Monopoly.

We ended the afternoon by breaking the law and crossing over the “stairs closed” sign, so that we could get some shots down by the water and along the creek. I appreciated that these two didn’t bat an eye when I suggested sneaking to the closed area! I’m glad we did, as these ended up being my favorite shots of the day. Also, for the record, we were not the only ones that broke the rules.

I am so lucky to be a part of David & Caitlin’s big day. It is easy to capture romantic, timeless photos, when your couple is so naturally lovely! To the two of you, I wish you good luck in the last of your wedding planning – and grad school decisions! – and look forward to June so we can celebrate your promise of forever!

C&D 6/10/17

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